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Mathematics Society

The M500 Society began in 1973 as a self-help group for Open University maths students in Southampton.

In the early days of the OU there was very little contact between students other than at their own tutorial group meetings, which often only took place during the teaching periods of the school or university in which they were held.

Before students had personal computers and the various forms of electronic communication that they now use to communicate with each other and OU staff, the Society compiled and published the names, addresses and current courses of students willing to help other students with their studies.  These lists were mailed out with a magazine containing articles, comments, puzzles, reviews and news submitted by members.

Now there are members throughout Britain and in many other countries across the world and, although we no longer publish student contact details, the magazine is still going strong.

The M500 Magazine

This is published free to all M500 members six times a year. It still contains articles, comments, puzzles, reviews and news submitted by members. It is aimed at all levels of mathematical attainment from Foundation to Postgraduate.

Past issues:

2013: 250 251 252 253 254 255